People burst out in laughter when Vadivelu gets beaten up in cinema. it is a common scene that vadivelu is been beaten up by one or the other guy in most of his comedy scenes. But it is uncertain that his house and office were attacked by unidentified mobs. Vadivelu claims that he is been attacked by the group members of Vijayakanth's team. There is a misunderstanding longing between him and Vijayakanth since long time and even he has been refusing to act in Vijayakanth's movies. He acted with Vijayakanth in "Engal Anna" which is a remake of a Malayalam movie which scored a big hit becuase of its comedy scenes.

Now people are watching very seriously these comedy scenes ... sorry action scenes between Vijayakanth and Vadivelu. Some look at Vadivelu who is in the position of number One comedian and the other end looks on to the Upcoming political leader - Vijayakanth who is also been called as "Black MGR".


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