No doubt, colors play a great role in our life. It has been an inevitable part in our lives always. Colors have the ability to influence one’s mood, personality, feelings and also the physical energy too. The colors has been used a therapy even thousands of years before, and the therapy was popular in countries like India, China and in Egypt. By using this non invasive therapy vibrations of energy can be created and it can also later the balance in your life. Each color has it own theory.. Let us see each color and the theory related to it…

Orange: It has the ability to warm up and energize and can stimulate the creativity side. It is been considered as the color of fun and sociability. It can be used in activity and creativity areas, and it is not suited for bedrooms.

Pink: This color has a soothing effect and it also nurtures. This color has the ability to dissolve anger and it also encourages unconditional love. It is best suited either for a baby’s room or children’s bedroom.

White: it contains all the colors in it and this color emphasizes purity and it has the ability to illuminate one’s thoughts and can give out clarity. It can be used in any room and has to be broken up with any color or it can used in combination with plants, ornaments and pictures.

Black: if it is been used with any other color it can enhance the energy of another color. It gives the space for reflection and also inner searching. It is not suitable as a single color, if it is been used in a right combination it can enhance and also complement other colors in almost any situation.

Turquoise: it is a cool and also a calming color and it is been considered good for the nervous system and also the immune system. Though it can be used in any room it does not suit areas where physical activities are carried on.

Indigo: It is been considered as highly sedative, and it also helps open up one’s intuition. It is been considered as the color of divine knowledge and the higher mind and it is best suitable only for quite places and it does not suit places which are considered to be as for entertainment. This color can be used in bedrooms; treatment rooms; and it can be tried in libraries and study rooms too.

Blue: This color has a calming, relaxing and healing feel but it cannot be as sedative as indigo and it is the color of communication and it can be used anywhere other than the rooms where physical activity is been carried out like play rooms.

Green: It gives out a balanced; harmonized; and also an encouraged tolerating and also an understanding feeling. Different shades of greens can be tried in different areas and it should be used with the balance of the other color used in the same area.
Yellow: It has the ability to stimulate one’s mind. It can stimulate the mental activity, promote the feeling of confidence; it can make you stay alert and thus help you in studying. Yellow can be used in activity rooms; entrance halls; and it is not advisable to use it in bedrooms and places where stress is related to.

Violet: It has the ability to calm one’s body and mind. It is been considered good for the purpose of meditation, prayer and it enhances the purpose and dignity and it also heightens one’s awareness and thus helps to give you the best out of you. It can be used in places of worship; entry or reception areas of hospitals and clinics, and pale violet can be tried in bedrooms.


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