Michael Phelps, the top hit personality of the moment in the sports arena was once a kid who was neglected and denied totally by his teachers and others. His mother Deborah - a 57 year old lady was the powerful lady who brought Michael Phelps to this position of glory. Michael Phelps was the third child to his parents and Phelps was a ADHD kid. He was hyper active everywhere and had lots of bad reports from the school. Deborah, even had to listen to the words of one of Michael Phelps' teachers, that "He is not a blessed child". Deborah was completely broken out by these words and decided to make Michael Phelps, one of the famous personalities in the world and here, she did achieve it too...She pondered all his interests and activities and finally decided to take him into the sports field. When Phelps was around 10 years old, he was identified with the ADHD problem - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children with this disorder will not be able to concentrate on any activity for a longer period of time but Deborah believed in Michael Phelps, and in his strength. His coach Pop Bowman, who encouraged Michael Phelps, to a great extent and beleived in his efforts and strength. it is Deborah's will power and the strong beielf in her son's ability has made Phelps, achieve this position today.
I remember the saying now, God cannot be with us always and guide us in our every activity, that is why he has gifted us with a great human being - MOTHER." What do u think?

But, it is a sad though a true fact that people deny to accept the fact that their children are been affected with this ADHD syndrome. If parents can identify this problem at an earlier stage and co-operate there will be more Michael Phelps, with us.


bicks said... @ September 4, 2008 at 6:36 PM

i.love ur article .its very true anu.many parents feel its as a shame for them to have kids with Adhd or autism.Sure they are not like other kids in the sense they are way above other kids in their thoughts and talents, which makes them different.

Anu said... @ September 14, 2008 at 4:03 PM

Thank You Bicks..for your comments

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