This sand painting was done with most of the materials which was available when we were constructing our house.

Materials Needed:

Hardboard 35 *35

Red cloth - to cover it (neatly ironed)

Golden Thread - 2-3 bunches.

Black Enamel Paint.

Thick Brush




1) Cover the hard baord with the red cloth by applying fevicol.

2) Trace out the required design of your choice.

3) To draw the circles around, I used my daughter's belt (like a compass).

4) Make a cardbaord cutting and draw them around for the floral designs to maintain the uniformity.

5) Paint the flowers with Black Enamel paint.

6) Stick the golden thread (jari) aroun the borders of the floral designs with the help of fevicol.

7) The same way, stick the golden thread in the borders of the main design. The apply sand part by part, with the help of fevicol.

8) After drying it, you can decorate with kundan stones, or fabric paints or gliteer paints (optional).

Though a time consuming craft, it can make a good decor to your house.

Try it out and post your comments too...

Will post the picture soon.. :D


hemant said... @ September 4, 2008 at 4:20 PM


Superb art.You are such a great artist. I think you done a great job.



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